Meet the PANEURAMA Team: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

Meet Viktoria Szabo from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

Meet Viktória Szabó, a leading voice in animation and immersive media at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. With a background in film distribution and production, she navigates the evolving landscape of digital education. From challenges in integrating AI to fostering soft skills like communication and creativity, Viktória shares insights on preparing students for success in the dynamic creative industry.

Meet the PANEURAMA Team: Animal Logic Academy, University of Technology Sydney

Meet the Team: Ian Thomson of Animal Logic Academy, University of Technology Sydney

Meet Ian Thomson, Head of UTS Animal Logic Academy. In our interview, Ian emphasized creativity-technology fusion, noting AI’s role, and advocated tech agility. He highlighted borderless collaboration and stressed specialized skills and adaptability. He encouraged closer industry-education ties, advised understanding industry needs, and recommended tailoring portfolios to career goals.

Meet the PANEURAMA Team: Epic Games

Meet the Team: Joan Da Silva at Epic Games

Meet Joan Da Silva, a veteran of the animation and games industry, and now Education Strategist at Epic Games. In this interview, he explores the digital education’s evolution, emphasizing coding skills, industry networking, and market trends for student success.

Meet the PANEURAMA Team: The Rookies

Gain expert insights from Alwyn Hunt, co-founder of The Rookies and Head of Education Partnerships at the Adobe 3D&I Team. Explore his journey from humble beginnings to shaping the future of visual effects. Dive into the interview for valuable perspectives on adapting to industry changes, leveraging AI tools, and honing essential skills.

Meet the PANEURAMA Team: Qvisten Animation

Meet Nikoline Bangen, Production Manager at Qvisten Animation! Explore the dynamic world of animation and immersive experiences as Nikoline shares insights into industry challenges, AI integration, and emerging trends reshaping the creative landscape.

Meet the PANEURAMA Team: CoFlow Visuals ApS

Meet the PANEURAMA Team: CoFlow Visuals ApS

Discover Jørgen Jakobsen’s insights! As an electronics engineer and CoFlow Visuals ApS partner, he unravels the ever-evolving world of VR/AR experiences, addressing industry challenges, opportunities, and crucial skill development.