Innovation Lab: Animation! Acting!! Drama!!!

Professional experience, animation, realistic drama, acting, masterclasses, mentorship

Dates & Duration
August 5-19th, 2024
2 work weeks

The Animation Workshop/VIA University College (Denmark)

Alexis Wanneroy, Fortiche Production

Application deadline
May 15

Free of charge for the selected participants; flights and accommodation provided


PANEURAMA's Innovation Lab: "Animation! Drama!! Acting!!!" happening August 5-19 at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College

Application Call is open.

PANEURAMA organizes the Innovation Lab ‘Animation! Acting!! Drama!!!’ together with our French partner, Fortiche Studio. We invite 25 European talents to participate in a process of investigating and developing techniques and skills needed to support realistic humanoid acting for animated drama.

Animation-based acting is ready to move to the next level, enabling serious portrayals of actions, emotions, and feelings, depicting real human characters in a realistic world. The participants will through their exercises visually research, discuss, and develop both Credo and Methodology, attempting to define the philosophy, rules, advice, and methods supporting animators to become real actors.

Over the two weeks, participants will work individually and evaluate their work collectively with the head of Character Animation, Alexis Wanneroy from Fortiche Production.

The PANEURAMA team looks forward to your application!

Who can join?

Open for students and graduates within the past 1-6 years from:

  • The Animation Workshop, VIA University College (DK)
  • Breda University of Applied Sciences (NL)
  • Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (DE)
  • Arts et Technologies de l’Image, Université Paris 8 (FR)
  • Gobelins Paris (FR)
  • Moholy – Nagy University of Art and Design (HU)
  • Ecole MoPA (FR)
  • Nord University (NO)
  • The National Film School – Institute of Art, Design + Technology (IE)
Submission requirements

Applicants need to know how to use and animate in Maya.

During the sign-up process, the participant must upload a demo reel and fill out the online application form

To maximize your chances of being selected, the demo reel you submit should demonstrate a good understanding of body mechanics and a sensibility for naturalistic animation and acting.

Make sure the demo-reel contains at least 4 shots (with a minimum duration of 40 seconds) that show both body mechanics and acting. You must have at least one acting shot with lip sync in your demo.

Expenses (Free) & Practical info

The workshop is free of charge.

The PANEURAMA project will also cover travel and accommodation for the selected participants, so they can fully focus on the new learning experience.

The Innovation Lab takes place on the premises of The Animation Workshop/VIA University College. Computers and software will be provided by The Animation Workshop/VIA University College.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to 

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